SHOUSE - 'Love Tonight' 12" Vinyl

SHOUSE - 'Love Tonight' 12" Vinyl


Limited edition SHOUSE ‘Love Tonight’ 12” Vinyl including the original mix, a Capella and remixes from Mike Simonetti and DJ Seinfeld!


The weirdo underground live-house duo that is SHOUSE often invite local singers and musicians to collaborate when bunkered down in their Collingwood studio. New release “Love Tonight” is an amalgamation of this working environment, whilst being a cheeky parody and adorable homage to the classic ’80’s celebrity extravaganza that was Bandaid “We Are The World”. Assembling a choir of all the people that they have loved and admired in their local scene (Oscar Key Sung, Monte Morgan (Client Liaison), Bec from The Harpoons, HABITS, Pillow Pro and so many more!), Ed and Jack have delivered the type of number that champions unity and a shared sense of eternal wonder for the future! 

For remixes we have Mike Simonetti (Horse Meat Disco) delivering a dark acid heavy late night techno jam, DJ Seinfeld who eschews the hook altogether for a fun lo-fi belter. Theres also an exceptional Acapella mix with plenty of dance saxophone!


  1. Love Tonight (Original Mix)

  2. Love Tonight (A Capella)

  3. Love Tonight (Mike Simonetti Remix)

  4. Love Tonight (DJ Seinfeld Remix)

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