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SHOUSE is a collaborative project between Ed Service and Jack Madin. Bunkered down in their Collingwood studio they have spent the past winter perfecting their weirdo underground live-house system, and inviting in local singers and musicians to collaborate.

The first three SHOUSE singles have been a series of experiments, helping to develop a signature SHOUSE sound and featuring a range of incredible vocalists. The first two singles 'Support Structure' and 'Whisper' are sung by Mohini and Maia respectively, the two halves of HABITS, and the enigmatic Rachel featured on latest single 'Without You'.

The SHOUSE live shows have been the true proving ground. Some sets have been pure improvised house experiences with only Ed and Jack and the gear, but for those special occasions SHOUSE has crafted expansive performances with live choirs, a cavalcade of singers and musicians and a deep sense of eternal wonder. Artists that have featured include: HABITS, Bridgette (Leisure Suite), Oscar Key Sung, Monte Morgan (CL), Banoffee, Harmony Byrne, Pillow Pro, Marcus Whale (BV), Tony Barnao, Daisy Catterall, with many more to come…


For bookings email: andy@hellbeach.com.au