Ssppuunnkk - Live

Hideous Sun Demon ooze untamed energy in new featuresingle‘Ssppuunnkk’ accompanied by a DIY live video!


Riding the adulation following the release of their highly anticipated 3rd studio album ‘Fame Erotic Dream’, an action packed 15 date national tour, wide radio and media coverage and recently guest programming RAGEHideous Sun Demon are back with their latest feature single ‘Ssppuunnkk’!!! Embodying the chaotic raw energy synonymous with Hideous Sun Demon’s signature blend of psych-punk rock, ‘Ssppuunnkk’is a dark, sludgy and explosive tune, full of twists and turns bound to hypnotize and make you bop to the mellifluous groove.


With an uncanny knack for somehow encapsulating pure chaotic rock'n'roll energy within each and every release that is almost without peer in Australian music.”Pilerats (‘Fame, Erotic Dream, 2018)

“Explosive and rollicking, “Antithesis” is a great portrait of a young band kicking genre’s expectations in the teeth”.The AU Review (Antithesis, 2018)


To capture Hideous Sun Demon’s raw untamed energy, matching the pace of the music, the band took to Taste Police HQ, a small DIY recording studio in the heart of Brunswick to record a live version of ‘Ssppuunkk’. Directed by Harry Anderson, responsible for music videos from local Melbourne artists Fan Girland Sophisticated Dingoand recorded by local producers Vincent McIntyre(Fan Girl) and Tom Dowling(Rat!hammock), this no frills ‘Spunk Live Video’ reminds us of Hideous Sun Demon’s unmatched live face-melting energy and DIY punk attitude.

On ‘Fame Erotic Dream’, the WA trio have gone further in exploring some blistering soundscapes, all the while upping their artistry and talent as instrumentalists. As ‘Ssppuunnkk’ brilliantly demonstrates, Hideous Sun Demon are generating their best musical energy yet, channeled through Vincent Buchanan-Simpson ’s ferocious lead vocal, not to mention the penetrative rhythm section courtesy of Jake Suriano and Blake Hart. “Lyrically Ssppuunnkk reflects on aggressive individual at bars and is one of stompy and dark songs of this record.”Hideous Sun Demon


‘Ssppuunnkk’ is released November 22nd 2018

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