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In This Dim Light’ is the latest single for Gothenburg’s fast rising indie sensation Beverly Kills and perfectly captures the very essence of the band, emotionally charged and full of energy.

Beverly Kills are creating an impressive name for themselves as one of Gothenburg’s up and coming bands to watch.Last year saw the band release ‘Fourteen’, ‘Melodrama’ and ‘Dreamless’, gathered great acclaim from both local andinternational press including being mentioned as one of the “Best Swedish Indie Debuts 2018” by HYMN and beingnominated for "Breakthrough of the Year” in the Gaffa Awards. This also saw the band playing Gothenburg music showcase festival Viva Sounds and a side show at this years by:Larm Festival along with shows supporting Agent blåMoaning (USA- Sub-pop) and Västerbron. The release of ‘Revellers’ earlier this year came with the announcement of their debut physical release ‘In This Dim Light/Melodrama’ limited edition 7” vinyl throughAustralian Indie label Hell Beach. ‘Revellers’ received a plethora of editorial support among being added to Spotify’sFresh Finds playlists, featured in Hype Machines most blogged charts and saw new live dates including taking thestage at this year’s SPOT Festival and shows supporting Terra and Westkust. In This Dim Light’ signifies a new era for Beverly Kills as they join the Welfare Sounds roster, aligning with amazing fellow label artists such as Linn Koch EmmeryTerra and Tyred Eyes, which is set to propel the band forward into a future that is looking very bright.

‘In This Dim Light’ may be Beverly Kills most compelling single to date and further encapsulates the bands signature sounds as they suck you in with dreamy and infectious hooks then spit you right back out with raw and thumping energy.The initial tone of the song is set by Alma Westerlund’s beautiful vocals that flow effortlessly over melodic, dreamy synths which is then completely augmented as Viggo Mattson and Hampus Höggren lay down a powerful stomping rhythm section that propels the song into full motion. As the song builds towards its final climax, John Jonsén’s punchy and articulate guitar performance carries the song through sections of tension and release as the band artfully blend raw and energetic sonic landscapes with dreamy lush vocals. Lyrically, Alma poetically reflecting on the type of people who compulsively start talking about their exes after they’ve had a drink or two, ending upranting about them for the rest of the evening, almost as a process of self-purification.“A gray wall can become a sky or an ocean if you look close enough, we played an eye for an eye and you took them both”. ‘In This Dim Light’ clearlydemonstrates Beverly Kills song writing prowess and further establishes their emergence in the ever-exciting Gothenburg indie scene.


"Sweden’s next great band? We definitely think so" The Revue (‘Fourteen’, 2018)

“The quartet's roots can be traced to the British 80s and with this starting point the music they create feels both timeless and impressive.” – HYMN (‘Melodrama’, 2018)

Revellers is their strongest single to date, channelling the force of their high-octane indie rock like a rushing river, powering along a rattle of drums, tightly-wound guitars and the soft void-howl of Alma Westerlund’s vocal. - Nothing But Hope And Passion (‘Revellers’, 2019)

Gothenburg’s Beverly Kills hits the throttle on new single Revellers. - Ohestee (‘Revellers’, 2019)



The release of ‘Revellers’ coincides with the announcement of signing to Australian indie label Hell Beach for the release of ‘In This Dim Light/Melodrama’ limited edition 7” vinyl due out this April. The record is a split of twosongs, a brand new never before heard single ‘In This Dim Light’ and the previously released dreamy indie-rockbanger ‘Melodrama’. Pressed on blue vinyl with the first pressing limited to 100 copies this is a record not to be missed.


‘In This Dim Light’ 
released April 26th.