As much as Melbourne band DIET have been contradicting their band name for a little while now, they sure af have been working up a sweat when it comes to developing their sound in the rehearsal room and on the road.

In 2017 the group hit the recording studio for an ode to the classic Aussie tradition of streaking in 'Clothes Off’, following it up with synth laden, heartfelt love letter in “Take Me” (a number that found the band in spot rotation on the J’s across the back half of the year). Nostalgic synthesisers and playful guitar lines (influenced by The Smiths and The Cure) made for an affectionate and sweeping overture. The boys hit the road with Polish Club across all of their Aus’ dates at the back end of 2017, playing their biggest stages to date.

For some calorie crunching fun, the band released an old school indie-rock floor filler in “Forget About It” to start the year, whilst recording new single Danny Boy, joining the artist roster for New World Artists, whilst undertaking their biggest tour run yet that includes supporting British India around the country. The new single is the reciting of a passionate “how are you?” from one brother to another over an interstate phone call. Again, the five-piece seem to sonically conjure up an alternative universe where Morrissey grew up by the beach. Grab ya popcorn, preferably with unsaturated Margarine.